specimens barcoded:  16643
species barcoded:  1420
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Species Needed
The Excel file hosted here is a list of ant species needed, specimens received and the number of specimens successfully barcoded. The list will be updated regularly. Efforts have been made to remove extinct taxa from the list - but please advise if you discover some stragglers.

Right click the link and select, "Save As" to download the Excel file where rows contain species name, and columns for the number of specimens and number of barcoded individuals for these specimens. This should facilitate the selection of species and specimens for which we have no barcodes.

Beginning July 1st 2009, the only funding BIO will receive will be for species for which we have 10 or fewer specimens already on BOLD. As such - please pay special attention to this list when selecting from your collection.

We continue to have young specimens as our initial (2000 and more recently), and it will be critical to select specimens to reflect the breadth of the range.

   Download the species needed list here.