specimens barcoded:  16643
species barcoded:  1420
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Get Involved!
Please contact Alex Smith ( if you are interested in becoming involved in the Ant Barcode of Life campaign. It will help us to find out the best way to collaborate with you if the following information can be provided:
  • Where are your ants from? (Nation, locality)
  • Do you have access to any of the species cited on our priority species list?
  • Do you have funds and access to local sequencing facilities, would like to become a member of the campaign who injects data directly to the BOLD Systems?
  • How many species and individuals per species are you able to submit from your collection?
  • How old are these samples? How were they collected and preserved ?
  • What is the life stage of the samples?
  • How were the samples identified to species?
  • What specific questions do you want to answer using COI barcodes?
  • What other expectations do you have for this collaboration?